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Sellan® G-P

Acid/metall complex dyes for highest fastness on Polyamide and PA/Elastane blends.

A new development based on the characteristics of ou Sellan dyes, specially for wool-nylon blends an 100% nylon material.
Designed and mainly suitable for medium and deep shades Sellan G-P dyes are distinctly advantageous where shades wet ab rubbing fatsness of the dyeings with a minimum of barre – streakiness – is required.
Highly compatible with virtually the same exhaust rates Sellan G-P dyes are ideal for tone-in tone dyeings on PA/Elanstane fiber types.

Major features:

  • High wet and light fastness properties on Polyamide and PA Elastane, from medium to deep shades for sportswear, outdoor, lingerie, swimwear and others.
  • Excellent build up – suitable for PA microfiber.
  • Good levelling properties, suitable for all fields of application.
  • Good covering of material caused unlevelness (barreness).
  • Good tone in tone dyeing of PA/Elastan.
  • High exhaustion rate providing excellent reproducibility.
  • Small compact range. Simple dye selection to cover a wide spectrum of shades.