60 years Farbchemie Braun

We are commited to German dystuff manufacture tradition.

At the time of this photo, – founder of the company in his Leipzig office, 1930 – the German dyestuff industry was leading the world. Pioneers from Germany and England, August Wilhelm von Hofmann and William Henry Perkin, began the fundamental research which produced the first dyes obtained by synthesis rather than by the tedious extraction methods previously used on natural product thus opening the door to a world of colour.

Dyestuffs first became industrially available when Perkins & Sons in England, and somewhat later in 1863 when Friedrich Bayer and Weskott in Wuppertal, founded the first companies to produce coal tar dyes.

More dyestuff factories were soon started and in July 1873 the “Actiengesellschaft für Anilinfabrikation” was established in Berlin which was removed during 1895 to their current location in Bitterfeld. Forty years after Farbchemie Braun’s founder – Wilhelm Braun – had initiated the factory in Wiesbaden, another site at Bitterfeld (a traditional home of the German chemical industry) was acquired, which paved the way for the company’s expansion and future development.

Today, the combination of the company’s dyestuff synthesis capacity, presscake conversion and powder blending installation are the major elements which guarantee the individual character, independence and competitiveness of the company, an alternative for the benefit of customers all over the world.