Lieferprogramm Farbchemie Braun


This wide range of dyes is divided into following groups depending on their mein application fields.

Our standard range of disperse dyes for Polyester and Polyester fiber blends.
The dyestuff are highly economical with very good light and general fastness properties.

Fantagen A

Dyes with outstanding properties for automotive.

This range is specially designed to meet the high demand for automotive upholstery, seat belts and other high performance txtile goods.
Maximum light fastness properties and very good general fatness characteristics.

Fantagen HF

Dyes with high fastness and special application properties.

A range of high-fast disperse dyes for work and safty wear, high performance sports and outdoor fashion Polyester textiles.
Besides their excellent light, wet and manufacturing fastness properties Fantagen-HF dyes show very good stability under washing conditions applying highly effective detergents or chemicals.

Fantagen N

Specially selected types for 2/1 Acetate, Triacetate and blends / Disperse dyes for polyester.

A special range for the dyeing of acetate fiber.
The dyes have very good compatibility and possess the required wet fastness properties and good gas fading stability.

Fantagen PH

Disperse Dyes suitable or alkaline dyeing with excellent reproducebility.