• Farbchemie Braun - Our dyes bring colour to your fabric

    Our dyes bring colour to your fabric

    60 years of experience combined with our extensive laboratory research and development we are able to offer application conditions and technological characteristics which mark the changes for product profiles.

  • Texco Farben Produktiongesellschaft

    Ideas formed into products

    Dyestuffs “Made in Germany” are synonymous with both quality and character – a reputation gained all over the world for almost 150 years.

  • Range development

    Range development

    Textile fibers and their modifications have an unparalleled influence on the world of dyes. We develop and modify dyeing formulas, test and evaluate dyeing properties, modify
    products for individual customer requirements. Our dye lines are innovated to follow the demand for higher fastness properties.

  • Our experience for your products

    Our experience for your products

    Our commitment is constant throughout our standard product ranges through to our devotion to speciality products developed
    and designed to comply with a customer’s individual requirements.

    Lieferprogramm Farbchemie Braun

    Supply program

    We will support you in choosing the right colors and create recipes based on your requirements.


    Farbchemie Braun Group

    60 years Farbchemie Braun!
    Continuity and quality in the tradition of the German dye manufacturer.

    Texco Farben Produktionsgesellschaft


    In 1993, the acquisition of a manufacturing site of Bitterfeld as a consequence of limited capacity for expansion at the company´s home in Wiesbaden has led the way for future growths.